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Victim of Age Discrimination Wins the Court Dispute

Today, Tbilisi City Court has announced a decision under which the discrimination was established on the ground of age and the applicant reinstated to his / her position. GYLA defends the applicant’s interests in the court.

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How we can receive free legal consultations in GYLA?

The ways to receive free legal consultations in GYLA.

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The Medical Institution shall reimburse moral damage to the patient for breaching the notification obligation

The patient, whose interests are represented by GYLA before the court, has won the case against a medical institution in the court. Pursuant to the court decision announced today, the Tbilisi City Court imposed on the medical institution the payment of the compensation to the patient in the amount of GEL 5,000 for a moral damage.

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With GYLA’s assistance Radio HERETI wins the case in the court against the Communications Commission

Today, Tbilisi City Court has annulled the resolution made by the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) on cancellation of the competition on radio frequency announced in Batumi.

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The Court announced guilty verdict against the abuser

Tbilisi City Court has announced the guilty verdict against the abuser and sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment. GYLA defended the interests of the female victim in this  case.

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GYLA's Successful Litigation in 2017

In 2017, GYLA successfully litigated 121 cases, including 6 before the Constitutional Court, 4 before the European Court of Human Rights. GYLA continues to provide legal services in over 300 cases.             

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Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA);

With support of GYLA a citizen was freed from fines with amount of 500 GEL set by the Tax Code of Georgia that was prescribed for violation of rules of registering as a taxpayer. 

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As a result of legal assistance provided by GYLA’s office in Tbilisi, a natural person has been restored in his right in relation to biological reproduction. The court held discussions on the realisation of the right to reproduction between the former spouses under the circumstances when one of the spouses loses the ability for natural reproduction and needs ancillary reproduction technology implying the use of the other spouse’s gamete regardless of the refusal of the other spouse

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Successful Cases of GYLA in February

GYLA’s beneficiary, who is an IDP, won a dispute against the government of Georgia over registration of property in Abkhazia 

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