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A preliminary hearing on the case of Luka Siradze to be held on February 12

2020-02-11 16:27
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A preliminary hearing on Luka Siradze’s case will be held at Tbilisi City Court on February 12, 2020. On December 10-11, 2019, juvenile Luka Siradze was interrogated at the Didube-Chugureti Police Station against the background of psychological pressure and coercion to testify, which resulted in a tragic outcome. GYLA has been involved in Luka Siradze’s case from the very beginning and defends interests of the family of the deceased.

The Investigation Division of State Inspector’s Service conducts the investigation on incitement to the suicide of Luka Siradze as well as on the coercion to testify. Until now guiltiness of one investigator Mariana Choloiani for coercing the testimony has been identified. At the preliminary hearing scheduled for February 12, the Tbilisi City Court will discuss the admissibility of the evidence obtained from the investigation.

GYLA actively studies the case files and believes that the charge (coercion to explain, testify or conclude) brought against Mariana Choloiani is strengthened by numerous evidence. The existing evidence proves that Luka Siradze’s safety and best interests were violated at the Didube-Chugureti Division #1 of Tbilisi Police Department. GYLA actively maintains communication with the investigative authority in order to identify the criminal responsibility of other police officers.