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ADI Call for Applications - Addressing Discrimination and Inequality through UN/ILO Conventions

2019-03-05 11:08
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Deadline: 18:00 March 18, 2019


1. Background

The Equal Rights Trust (ERT), an independent international organization with expertise in enhancing equality and combating discrimination, in partnership with the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA), are implementing a project funded by the European Union to improve the implementation of selected UN and ILO Conventions in Georgia.


2. Purpose of Grants

The Call for Applications aims to support implementation of UN and ILO conventions in Georgia, addressed against discrimination and inequality. The key purpose of the competition is to implement monitoring, evidence-based advocacy and awareness raising on the labor rights and the right to equality. The overall goal for the call for proposals is to support equality and non-discrimination for all, regardless of sex/gender, sexual orientation, political or opinion/belief, race or other characteristic.


3. Priority Issues

Call for proposals aims to select applicants to implement Monitoring and Advocacy on the following issues:






Ensuring equal access to all types of education for women and men.


Equality in employment (discrimination in employment, discriminatory dismissal, salary inequality, etc.)


Right to equal remuneration


Betrothal and child marriage to be deemed illegal



Enabling equal access to education and healthcare for disabled children, free of charge services.



5-e: Enabling social, economic and cultural rights equally, without discrimination against race

5-e-v: the right to education and training

ILO 100


Ensuring equal remuneration without discrimination to sex

ILO 111


Elimination of discrimination in employment or occupation (politically motivated, LGBTQ, gender or other basis).


4. Eligibility

Any organization, registered in Georgia (except the occupied territories of Georgia), regardless of the organizational experience and form (except profit-making commercial companies) is eligible for participating in this Call for Proposals, given the following preconditions:

- The organization must not have a debt or face liquidation procedures;

- The organization must not be associated with any of the criminal groups or activities;

- The organization must fully comply with the legislation of Georgia;

- The organization must demonstrate political neutrality.


5. Amount of Grants

Each applicant may submit only one application, with the amounts ranging from 1000 to 5000 EUR. Please note, there are no co-funding restrictions, however, the priority will be given where the provided funding can make a substantial difference and being a meaningful contribution for the activities of the organization. The monitoring projects must cover areas where no/little evidence exists.


6. Selection Criteria

Selection Council will select the projects based upon the combination of the following criteria:

1. Relevance (25%)

2. Impact (25%)

3. Capacity of the applicant and its members (20%)

4. Outreach (15%)

5. Experience (5%)

6. Value of funding (the budget must be directed directly towards achieving objectives and must be essential for the organization) (10%)


7. Reporting

The successful applicant will be expected to fulfill the financial and narrative reporting obligations, as well as conduct a small financial audit, including: providing monthly updates to the donor (in person, over e-mail, phone, other communication channels or through meetings). One interim and one final financial and narrative reports must be submitted based on the pre-made template.


8. How to Apply

In order to participate in the competition, please submit electronically the following documentation:

1. ADI Application Form;

2. ADI Budget Form;

3. Registry extract;

4. balance sheet;

5. Any other supporting documentation you think may increase competitiveness of your application (attachments must not exceed 15 MB).

The above documents must be submitted to the following e-mail:  

The applicants may submit questions to the same e-mail no later than March 8. The responses will be publicized on no later than March 12.

The short-listed candidates will be informed in the middle of April through e-mail.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this Call for the Applications does not oblige neither ERT, nor GYLA or their donor – EU to issue the grants. The process may be cancelled at any time without written notice. Furthermore, this Call for Applications does not include any obligation to provide justification to the applicants regarding any parts of the selection process.

***All applicants will also be expected to undergo the legal expertise by the donor, to establish the compliance of their products with the legislation of Georgia.