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The Ministry of Education and Science was instructed to compensate for the damage in favor of the disabled person

2021-10-20 17:23
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According to the Judgment of Tbilisi City and Appeal Courts, the Ministry of Education and Science was ordered to compensate the pecuniary damages in favor of the disabled person, including reimbursement of medical rehabilitation course fee and the fee for adapted transportation services before the existence of disability status and overnight care. Judgments entered into force.

The case concerns a person who, after graduating from school, at so-called the "Last Bell Ceremony," the schoolteacher took him/her to a deceased classmate's grave with their classmates. On the way, the teachers stopped a truck driven by a drunken person. During the trip, the driver violated the traffic rules, due to which there was a car accident, the car overturned, and the plaintiff followed under the body of the vehicle. As a result, he/she received severe bodily injuries, which led to the person being diagnosed with severe disability status for life.

The dispute between the plaintiff and the Ministry started back in 2012. In the first case, the court considered the claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage to the latter. As a result, the court found the Ministry guilty and, as a result, ordered it to pay damages in favor of the plaintiff. However, after a few years, the plaintiff had additional needs, and that is why it became necessary to re-apply to the court.

GYLA has been representing the interests of the victim since 2012.