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Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association Offers Legal Aid to Victims of the May 6 Incident

2009-05-27 20:00
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Human rights protection and effective ensuring has been the most significant direction of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) ever since it was founded. Helping ordinary citizens restore rights breached by the state remains to be one of the main priorities of GYLA.

In its statement released on May 7, 2009 GYLA announced its position and clarified that under the Law on Police of Georgian Legislation police used unlawful means to disperse the rally held on May 6 outside police department.

According to the information spread by media outlets, demonstrators assembled outside the police department headquarters were injured as a result of usage of illegal means; namely, one of the rally participants lost his eye, while dozen demonstrators were injured.

Despite legitimate public interest, it is yet unknown whether investigation of the law enforcers’ use of illegal means has been launched.

Under Article 413 of the Civil Code of Georgia, “in cases of infliction of physical injury or health damage the victim may claim compensation for personal injuries”.

GYLA offers free legal aid to dozens of victims of the May 6 incident, as well as representation in court if needed to claim personal injury compensation.