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Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association requests starting of criminal case against the policemen who participated in the event of June 15, 2009

2009-06-18 20:00
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Today the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association applied to the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia with the request to initiate a criminal case against those employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who participated in the incident of June 15, 2009 on the fact of raid of demonstrators and beatings executed against those detained in the temporary detention facility.

Tamar Khidasheli, Chairperson of Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, welcomes MIA statement that on June 15th, based on incident, which took place at Tbilisi Police Main Department, two employees were severe reprimanded, four employees were rebuked and three employees’ authority were suspended.

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association considers that the MIA and the Prosecutor’s Office should take additional measures. From the video- and photo-materials survived, it is clearly distinctive how MIA employees and people in civilian clothes are beating up demonstrators and ordinary by-passers.

It is GYLA’s opinion that in the actions of the above-mentioned persons are distinctive signs of criminal offences. Correspondingly, GYLA considers it to be necessary to start criminal case on facts of torture, humiliating and inhuman treatment, beatings and exceeding of authority against those individuals, who behaved brutally against demonstrators and after detention had cruelly beaten up Dachi Tsaguria, Mikheil Meskhi, Valerian Grdzelishvili, Giorgi Chitarishvili and others.

Please see GYLA statement to Main Prosecutor of Georgia