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Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association to Protect Interest of Maestro TV

2009-05-24 20:00
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Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) condemns incident that occurred on May 25, at 03:05am when an explosive device was blown up by the entrance of the television company.

Regrettably, lately practice of violence and pressure against journalists in Georgia has gradually developed into an alarming trend.

GYLA assesses the explosion at Maestro TV as an offensive infringement of freedom of expression and an attempt to terrorize journalists, which at the same time was particularly life threatening.

We allow ourselves to remind the authority, the opposition and society that freedom of expression is a cornerstone of the democratic society and any attempt of its infringement shall immediately be eliminated and strictly condemned.

We address the Ministry of Interior Affairs to investigate the noted incident in the shortest term possible and provide public with objective and comprehensive information on investigation results.

GYLA represents interests of Maestro TV in the noted case.