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GYLA Calls upon MIA to Reveal Identity of Individuals Sentenced for the June 15 Incident

2009-07-15 20:00
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On June 16, 2009 Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) applied to the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Georgia (MIA) and on the basis of freedom of information Chapter requested disclosure of identity of those individuals who, as deputy minister of interior affairs Eka Zguladze clarifies, were imposed disciplinary punishments for the incident that occurred on June 15, 2009 outside the Tbilisi police headquarters. 

Under Article 40 of General Administrative Code of Georgia, public agency shall render a decision on providing or denying access to public information immediately or not later than ten days, if exceptional circumstances listed in the noted article exist.

Although GYLA applied to MIA a month ago, it hasn’t received a response, which under the second paragraph of Article 177 is considered as a denial to access public information.

 Today GYLA filed an administrative complaint to MIA and demanded immediate release of information.

GYLA considers that Georgian society is legitimately interested to know who was held responsible for the raid that occurred on June 15, when dozens of citizens received multiple injuries. Furthermore, there is no legal basis to justify keeping the identity of individuals who were imposed disciplinary punishments in secrecy; moreover, in a democratic society action of public officers, particularly when the action infringes fundamental human rights and liberties, shall always be discussed and criticized by society.