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GYLA Publishes its Remarks on Legislative Amendments

2009-07-08 20:00
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Georgian Young Lawyers Association of Georgia presented its opinion on the Draft Laws of Georgia on Making Changes and Amendments in the Law of Georgia on Meetings and Manifestations, the Law of Georgia on Police, and the Code of Administrative Offences of Georgia to the Legal Issues Committee and Human Rights Committee of the Parliament of Georgia.

In general, it is GYLAs opinion that the package of proposed amendments comes as a backdrop in Georgia’s aspirations to become a democratic state, as they are intended to prolong the administrative detention term for no valid reason whatsoever, introducing particularly severe sanctions for acts less dangerous for the public and disproportionately limiting the freedom of meetings and manifestations.

the findings regarding the bill of making amendments to Law of Georgia on Assembly and Manifestation, Law on Police and Code of Georgia on Administrative Offences.