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GYLA Supports the Legislative Initiative Prepared by the Initiative Group of Media Experts

2010-11-15 15:26
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On November 16, at 12:00pm, GYLA will host the initiative group of media experts and journalists

The Georgian Young Lawyers Association supports proposals of the initiative group of media experts on freedom of information matters aimed at implementation of significant changes in the sphere of freedom of information.

On November 12, 2010, the initiative group submitted its proposal to the Parliament of Georgia, envisaging complex approach for ensuring creation of pluralistic environment in the sphere of media.

The same day, in order the counterbalance the proposals of the initiative group, members of the parliament initiated a legal draft. Regrettably, the noted draft fails to reflect existing challenges in the sphere of media or offer specific mechanisms of solution oriented at a positive outcome.

GYLA underlines the necessity to thoroughly revise and improve the legislation regulating freedom of information and expression.

Therefore, we consider that the proposal initiated by the initiative group ensures elimination of flaws in the field of media and freedom of information better than the draft initiated by members of the parliamentary majority due to the following circumstances:

Unlike the draft initiated by representatives of the parliamentary majority, proposals developed by the group of media experts ensure:

1.    transparency of license holders to the very last beneficiary owner;
2.    genuine prevention of concentration of broadcaster in hands of a single entity;
3.    pro-active publishing of public information on the web-sites of public agencies;
4.    institution of administrative proceedings against public servants that violate FIO provisions;
5.    maximum decrease of term for reviewing applications over provision of information and related issues.

GYLA will provide assistance for lobbying the proposals developed by the initiative group of media experts.