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Decision of the Ruling Party to annul April 19 Agreement contravenes the Interests of Georgia for the Democratic Development

2021-07-28 19:20
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The Agreement signed on April 19 with the mediation of the European Union and the direct involvement of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, to resolve further deepening of the political crisis in Georgia that emerged after the 2020 Parliamentary Elections, provided an important basis for the democratic development of the country as well as de-escalation of the political crisis. Unfortunately, today, on July 28, the Georgian Dream announced that the April 19 agreement has exhausted itself and is annulled.


GYLA has repeatedly stressed the importance of the political agreement and called on all political parties involved in the mediation process to take into account the current situation in the country, the threats to Georgia's democratic development and European future and move forward in favor of the agreement.[1] Although some of the parties, including the largest opposition force, refused to sign the agreement, being the subject of constant criticisms from GYLA, it can not justify the decision of the Georgian Dream on annulment, as it will increase the degree of polarization in society, exacerbate the pre-election environment and deepen the political crisis.


By signing the document, the Parliamentary Majority pledged to implement the agreement and pursue ambitious democratic reforms, which is not only the goodwill of the Georgian Dream, but also its duty as a political force in power. We believe that by annulling the signed agreement, the Georgian Dream refuses to strengthen democratic institutions and overcome the political crisis. These actions contravenes the interests of the Georgian people and the main principles and values ​​on which the relations between Georgia and its strategic partners are based.



[1] “Political Parties involved in the Mediation Process shall sign the Compromise Agreement proposed by the President of the European Council”, official web-page of GYLA, 19.04.2021, available at: