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Mariana Choloyan's lawyer is misleading the public

2020-10-06 15:44
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At today's press conference, Mariana Choloyan's lawyer, Gagi Mosiashvili, once again spread false facts about the case, thus trying to deliberately mislead the public. The lawyer is trying to convince the public that Luka Siradze's suicide was caused by the influence of a narcotic drug, which is not true.

As it is known to the public, on September 7th, 2020, the Tbilisi City Court has convicted Mariana Choloyan, a convicted investigator in the case of Luka Siradze, and sentenced her to three years in prison. Mariana Choloyan at this stage is accused by the Prosecutor's office of extorting the testimony under duress (an action under Article 335 of the Criminal Code). Therefore, the fact of incitement to the suicide of Luka Siradze is not being considered in court at the moment. Thus, the court does not investigate the causes of death of Luka Siradze. Nevertheless, Mariana Choloyan's defense has repeatedly reported in various media outlets that Luka Siradze was under the influence of narcotic drugs at the time of his death, which, according to them, is confirmed by the materials of the criminal case and the conclusion of the examination. It is also incorrectly reported that Luka Siradze was a victim of aggression from both his mother and brother.

We would like to inform the public that the facts spread by Mariana Choloyan's lawyer, Gagi Mosiashvili, are not based on the evidence in the case. Two conclusions of the examinations are presented in the criminal case. According to the conclusions, no narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances were found in the blood on Luca's clothes and shoes on the day of his death, as well as in the blood taken from the asphalt surface during the on-site inspection of the scene. During the second examination, the blood sample was taken from Luca while he was in the medical facility. The conclusion states that in the blood were found only the narcotic drug morphine and the psychotropic substances diazepam and nordazepam, that was given to him for medical purposes after he was taken to the clinic. A person with special knowledge of the court also testified about the medical use of the mentioned drugs at the court hearing. According to the conclusion of the examination, the answer is also negative in relation to alcohol intoxication.

It is obvious that by spreading false facts, lawyer Gagi Mosiashvili is trying to form a negative attitude towards Luka Siradze and his family in the society and thus protect the interests of his client. GYLA believes that the lawyer's actions are against the norms of the lawyer's ethics. The actions of a lawyer to protect the interests of the client must comply with the law and the Code of Professional Ethics for Lawyers. GYLA calls on Gagi Mosiashvili to stop spreading false facts and to act in accordance with the law and the norms of lawyer ethics.