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Open letter to the President on creation of the National Prevention Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture (NPM)

2008-04-08 20:00
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Georgian Young lawyers’ Association, Penal Reform International and Human Rights Watch address President with open letter concerning real and effective implementation of the UN Anti-torture Convention Optional Protocol for the prevention of Torture.

On 22 June 2006 the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on “Prohibition of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment” was enacted for Georgia. The State undertook an obligation to create within a year, by 22 June 2007, a national mechanism for the prevention of torture (NPM) with the highest guarantees of independence and effectiveness.

Recently it become known to the public about a proposal to assign the Public Defender of Georgia as a national preventive mechanism by the decree of the president, without creating effective guarantees for the independence and efficiency of the mechanism.

Observer members of the Interagency Coordination Council created by the Decree of the President in 2007, Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, Penal Reform International, Human Rights Watch appeal to President to refrain from regulating the issue of NPM by a presidential decree. Non-state observer members of the council ask government instead reinforce the institution of Public Defender by ensuring that the necessary legislative safeguards for independence of the mechanism are instituted, and genuine National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture under the Public Defender is created.

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