Special Announcement of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association

In response to the proclamation made by certain leaders of the opposition on complete blockage of the railway station and the airport, Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) expresses its concern, as the noted action may cross legal boundaries.

Constitution of Georgia protects freedom of assembly and manifestation; more specifically, under Article 25 of the Constitution “everyone, except members of the armed forces and Ministry of Internal Affairs, has the right to public assembly without arms either indoors or outdoors without prior permission”.

Despite its particular importance in the process of formation of democratic and pluralistic society, freedom of assembly and manifestation doesn’t fall under the category of absolute rights and may be limited if it conflicts with other legitimate interests.

Under Article 9 of the Law of Georgia on Assembly and Manifestation, “holding a rally or a manifestation is forbidden in... railway stations, airports, hospitals, diplomatic establishments and within 20 meter radius from these territories... complete blocking of entrances to these facilities is not allowed.

”GYLA calls for protecting law supremacy and acting within frames of and in accordance with the law.

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