The West Georgia hosted the Coalition “Future without poverty”

Majority of Georgian population suffers lack of primary medical service for the absence of information and other reasons. On June 6-7 the coalition “Future without poverty” arranged a bus-tour in the West Georgia.

Members of the coalition (NGOs: the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, the Georgian Young Economists’ Association, Welfare Foundation and the International Organization Oxfam) met the local population and introduced them the state healthcare programs and the procedures of registering socially vulnerable persons in a united data bases.

On July 6, the coalition visited Kutaisi and on July 7 it visited the Khulo region. Besides submitting of the information the Coalition also disseminated information booklets and shirts with the Coalition logos.

The population expressed great interest. As it turned out majority either was not informed or contained incomplete information on the state healthcare programs and on the procedure of registration in the unified data bases of socially vulnerable families.

On July 7, members of the Coalition met the doctors from Khulo region and discussed the healthcare problems in Adjara region.

In 2000 the Government of Georgia (together with 191 countries) undertook an obligation to reach UN millennium development goals by 2015, to eliminate poverty and to ensure available medical service.

On June 7,2007 (07.07.07) the half of the term expired and we try to find out what has been done during that period.

The civil alliance “Future without poverty” unites 50 NGOs and hundreds of supporters that aims poverty elimination and fulfillment of Millennium Development Goals. We aim to activate Georgian citizens, so that to request by joint endeavors from the Georgian Government poverty elimination.

“Future without poverty” is a member of the international coalition Global Call to Action against Poverty.

In 2005 we joined the Coalition, since for the poverty:
58 000 persons die daily in the world;
One child dies every three seconds;
Every 20 children in Georgia can not reach 5 years;
Every second sick person has no access on necessary medicines.

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