Written Appeal of the Chairperson of GYLA to Dmitry Shashkin

Mr. Dmitry,
Let me inform you on several collective applications submitted to GYLA on October 28, 2009, by inmates of the Common, Strict and Jail Regime Institution (Ksani) No 7 of the penitentiary department.
62 inmates in cells #23, 25, 26, have signed noted applications, collectively corroborating unbearable conditions at the institution. More specifically, their claims regard
•    living conditions (overcrowding, anti-sanitary, poor lighting and ventilation);
•    health condition (consultations with doctor, lack of medication);
•    attitude of the administration


Most importantly, this is not the first case of inmates making claims regarding unbearable conditions. On February 8, 2009 complaints of similar content were referred to you by us.
We strongly believe that such facts should be reacted to and the ministry should ensure, by all possible means, realization of lawful rights of prisoners and creation of conditions that meet minimum standards.
GYLA also expresses its concern over the fact that under the applicable legislation interested parties, including human rights NGOs do not enjoy the right to enter penitentiary institutions to study the conditions. Additionally, national mechanism for prevention of torture is still in the process of formation. According to the most optimistic estimates, the mechanism will not come into effect until in a month. All of the above creates information vacuum regarding conditions that exist at penitentiary institutions.
Hence, let me ask for permission to enter the Common, Strict and Jail Regime Institution No 7 of Ksani to study the prison conditions.
Thank you in advance.

Tamar Khidasheli

ჯ. კახიძის #15, თბილისი, საქართველო, 0102 ; ტელ: (995 32) 95 23 53; ფაქსი: (995 32) 92 32 11; ელ-ფოსტა: gyla@gyla.ge; www.gyla.ge
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