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Research presentation: Georgia's political equality index

2023-06-07 10:46
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The Georgian Young Lawyers' Association (GYLA) is pleased to announce the presentation of the Political Equality Index, a new tool to measure and monitor the level of political equality in Georgia. The presentation took place on June 6th, online, and was attended by representatives of civil society, media, academia, and international organizations.

The Political Equality Index is a composite indicator that assesses the extent to which different groups of citizens have equal access to political power and influence over decision-making processes in Georgia. The index was created by a collaborative effort external consultants, led by GYLA.

The main findings of the index show that Georgia has a low level of political equality, with significant gaps between different social groups, such as women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, LGBT+ people, and more. The index also reveals that Georgia faces challenges in ensuring effective political participation, responsive governance, and accountability of public officials.

During the presentation, all aspects of political equality in Georgia as well as general trends among minority and marginalized groups were discussed. Additionally, the reasons for inequal political involvement, such as serious language barrier and inadequate knowledge of political rights were discussed. Attendees, along with PEI experts freely discussed the possible trends which Georgians shall experience in terms of access to decision-making, mostly showing hope for future systemic and on-the grounds efforts.

The Political Equality Index aims to raise awareness about existing inequalities in the political sphere and to provide evidence-based recommendations for improving the situation. The index also serves as a benchmark for tracking the progress and challenges of political equality in Georgia over time.

GYLA hopes that the Political Equality Index will contribute to the advancement of democracy and human rights in Georgia and will stimulate public debate and policy dialogue on these issues.

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