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"The Georgian Young lawyers' association responds to another act of violence against a student who opposes the "Russian Law"

2024-06-07 20:56
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On June 7, 2024, Niko Managadze, a member of the student movement "For Freedom", who announced a protest gathering on June 8 at the same time as Irakli Kobakhidze's lecture, was attacked and physically assaulted by a group near the first building of Tbilisi State University.

Since the initiation of the Russian law until now, physical attacks and persecution  of activists and students opposing the law for their dissent have become almost a daily occurrence.

The ineffective response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Special Investigation Service to the crimes committed against the activists in the past has an invigorating effect on the crimes committed by the violent groups. Considering that the attack on Niko Managadze took place in a public space, the fact was witnessed by many, and there are video cameras at the scene, we hope that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will at least this time identify the perpetrators of the crime.

We call on

Law enforcement authorities:

To exercise their authority effectively, to identify the possible perpetrators of the crime in a timely and efficient  manner with the correct legal qualifications.

To take adequate measures for the prevention of violence and violations of the rights of peaceful demonstrators at the gathering announced at Tbilisi State University on June 8.

The administration of Tbilisi State University:

To protect the right of peaceful assembly of students, to take measures to ensure their safety and to respond to the facts of violation of students' rights within the scope of their competence.