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GYLA criticizes Law Enforcement` Response to the facts of disseminating the secret private-life reflecting materials

2019-03-28 10:43
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Georgian Young Lawyers` Association (GYLA) responds to another case of detention on distributing the video footage depicting personal life. It is noteworthy that about 2 months ago, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) detained 16 persons, who had kept or massively disseminated the secret personal life video recordings.

GYLA believes that the actions taken by the law enforcers create illusions that the fight against disseminating the secret personal life footage is real, insofar, actual measures, to punish the fountain-head, are not supposedly taken. Criminal prosecutions begins fragmentally against those people who put the materials on the internet, when the principal importance is to identify and prosecute persons accused of ordering and disseminating the materials depicting personal life. The current situation fails in preventing this type of crime and creates a threat for committing such crimes in the future. In spite of the actuality and seriousness of the issue, the society is not aware of what actions have being carried out to effectively investigate the initial production and distribution of private-live depicting materials.

Allowing for above noted, GYLA calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) and the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to effectively investigate disputed facts of producing the secret private life materials running parallel to revealing those who had ordered the dissemination.