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With GYLA’s assistance Kakhaber Bakhtadze reinstated to the position of the “CENN” Board Member

2019-02-19 17:08
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GYLA was defending in the court the interests of Kakhaber Bakhtadze who was a member of the Board of the N(N)LP “CENN-Caucasus Environmental NGO Network” (hereinafter the "CENN") since 2013. The applicant’s membership of the organization was not terminated, but in 2013 he was dismissed from the Board of the organization pursuant to the resolution of the General Meeting. Kakhaber Bakhtadze was not invited to the meeting which considered the issue of exclusion / dismissal of the Board member. Consequently, Kakhaber Bakhtadze appealed to the Court to invalidate the resolution on his expulsion.

The Court took into consideration the applicant’s position and fully granted his appeal. In particular, according to the decision of the Supreme Court of Georgia of 12 February 2019, the protocol of the General Meeting of the members of the organization was declared void and Kakhaber Bakhtadze was restored to the position of a member of the CENN Board. Based on the Court decision, the applicant will still be able to participate in the management and governance process of the organization.