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Public Defender found a violation in the case of Natia Zoidze and called on the Prosecutor's Office to launch an investigation

2020-10-23 22:06
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In the case of Natia Zoidze, an employee of Adjara TV, the Public Defender applied to the Office of the Prosecutor with a general proposal and called for an effective investigation. GYLA represents and protects the rights of the journalist.

Natia Zoidze initially applied to the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara with a request to launch an investigation and requested an investigation into alleged criminal acts under the Criminal Code on the actions of the director of the television, Giorgi Kokhreidze. The Prosecution did not launch an investigation and considered that there were no signs of a crime.

GYLA also addressed the Public Defender on behalf of Natia Zoidze and requested to study the issue. The Public Defender, as a result of studying the materials obtained during the proceedings, found that "Giorgi Kokhreidze, Director of the Public Broadcaster of Adjara Television and Radio, was allegedly carrying out a persecution against his employees for having a different opinion, in particular, for openly criticizing their management decisions." Thus, there was a legal basis for initiating an investigation.

The Public Defender addressed the Prosecutor General with a proposal to launch an investigation into the case of Natia Zoidze and 2 other journalists under Article 156 of the Criminal Code. According to this article, a crime shall be the persecution of a person for his/her speech, opinion, conscience, confession, faith or creed, or for his/her political, social, professional, religious, or scientific activities.

GYLA calls on the Office of the General Prosecutor to ensure the implementation of the Public Defender's proposal in this case and to conduct an effective investigation into Natia Zoidze's case.