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Illegally dismissed person won the dispute with the assistance of GYLA

2022-02-01 11:30
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The Gori office of the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association was protecting the interests of a person who was illegally dismissed from the Akhaltsikhe office of the Civil Registry Agency in 2020. An employee had been working for the Akhaltsikhe Service of the Civil Registry Agency since 2006. Due to the reorganization in 2020, he/she was dismissed so that neither the staff list nor the written justification for dismissal had been handed over, which was provided by the Labor Code. The plaintiff sought annulment of the dismissal order, reinstatement in service, and the outstanding salary reimbursement for forced absence (payroll reinstatement).

The court of all three instances found that the dismissal did not comply with the requirements of the law; therefore, the claim was fully satisfied - the dismissal order was annulled, the employee was reinstated, and the outstanding salary was reimbursed for forced absence. Accordingly, the judgment has already been enforced, and the employee has been reinstated in the service.