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Court: “The state failed to protect the female victim of domestic violence”

2020-02-12 16:48
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Today the Tbilisi Court of Appeals has made an important decision in regard to combating the violence against women. The court found that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia were required to take appropriate measures to protect the victim of domestic violence, who ended her life by suicide.

Prior to her death, the woman had asked the relevant authorities for help 16 times and the state should have known that her life and health were in danger.

The State authorities were imposed to pay damages in favor of the mother of the deceased.

The judge noted that violence against women is a particularly widespread and severe problem in Georgia, which makes the state responsible for assessing each case thoroughly and comprehensively.

GYLA is handling the case with the help of USAID/PROLoG.