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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association created a Special Web-portal for Lawyers

2008-04-01 20:00
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On April 1, in the Hotel Tbilisi Marriot the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association with the financial aid of the British Council made presentation of a new web-page

Through the portal all university entrants and other interested persons can receive exhaustive information on all the accredited universities that have law faculty.

On the web-page interested persons can receive information on the ways to receiving scholarships and afterwards continue studies in prestigious foreign Universities.

Through the web-page interested persons can enter the electronic catalogue of GYLA Law Library and receive comprehensive information on the legal literature in Georgian, Russian, French, German and English languages.

At about 15 representatives from universities, British Council, British Embassy, US Councils, American Bar Association, DAAD program, IREX and other organizations attended the event.