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The New National Anti-Torture System is being Established

2006-07-19 20:00
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In 2002 United Nations Organization adopted the Optional Protocol of the UN Convention against Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment and Punishment.

The aim of the Optional Protocol is to establish the new system that will enable international and local organizations to visit on regular bases detained and arrested persons in pre-trial detention facilities and penitentiary institutions. Such visits will decrease their torture, inhuman and degrading treatment.

The Protocol also envisages creation of sub-committees against torture on the international level and establishing of one or several national mechanisms for the prevention of torture on the national level.

Last year Georgia ratified the Optional Protocol of the Convention against Torture and thus undertook obligation to create the system. Within six months after the protocol is enforced the Georgian Government should submit two candidates to the sub-committee against torture. Among the two persons one should be the Georgian citizen and the other the citizen of the ratifying state.

Georgia undertook obligation to establish one or two national mechanisms for the prevention of torture within a year.

On June 22.2006 the Optional Protocol of the Convention against Torture was enforced. Georgia, respectively, encountered the necessity to carry out requirements envisaged by the protocol.

Local NGOs and international organizations, willing to assist the State in creating of the mentioned system and be actively involved in the process, arrange the meeting of the anti-torture initiative group on July 18.2006 . The group will actively participate in establishing of the national mechanism and be involved in its further activities.

Attached you can find the Declaration adopted on the meeting.

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