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The staff member of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association is threatened

2006-09-20 20:00
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Today, the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association arranged a briefing in GYLA/Rustavi office. The topic of discussion was “Deficiencies during pre-election agitations in Georgian regions”. Lela Bekauri, employer of GYLA/Rustavi office also appeared at the briefing together with GYLA chairperson. Some hours latter from the press-conference a stranger called her on the phone threatening and insulting her.

At the briefing Lela Bekauri pointed out those deficiencies which appeared in election office of the Rustavi majoritarian candidate Lela Aptsiauri. Population received there vouchers worth to 37 kilowatts of electricity. It was declared that Leila Aptisuri was so generous as to give the vouchers to socially vulnerable families as a part of her pre-election campaign. Lela Bekauri was a person who revealed the mentioned deficiency.

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association asks for independent and impartial investigation and punishment of the persons who implement such pressure. Obviously, if the government fails to react on such actions it will be suspected in covering of the offenders.