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The Media Advocacy Coalition responds to a statement of Natia Zoidze

The Coalition believes it is necessary that all the individuals involved in the processes ensure the impartiality and independence of the public broadcaster.

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Two cases of domestic violence victims have been successfully completed with the assistance of GYLA

In May 2019, 2 cases of female victims subjected to domestic violence have ended successfully with the help of GYLA Zugdidi office.

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Two years from forced disappearance of Afgan Mukhtarli and unfinished investigation

We once more call on Georgian investigation authorities to take all appropriate measures to effectively investigate the case of alleged kidnapping of Afgan Mukhtarli.

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Human rights organizations call upon the government to timely and effectively solve the crisis in Chiatura

We call upon the Government of Georgia to develop a democratic political vision and ways of overcoming the crisis in Chiatura.

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EMC and GYLA respond to strike of employees of "Georgian Manganese" LLC in Chiatura

EMC and GYLA call on the “Georgian Manganese” LLC to take into consideration the fair claims of the strikers and respect the labour rights of the workers.

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GYLA appeals against the existing model of care at home for people with disabilities to the constitutional court

GYLA considers that the state should use a social model instead of a medical model in relation to persons with disabilities.

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GYLA’s Evaluation of 19th May 2019 Interim and By-Elections

According to GYLA’s evaluation, May 19/2019 by-elections and interim elections were held without substantial violations, however, negative tendencies were revealed.

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Election Day Observation Results by 20:00

The voting procedure was held without any substantial violatinos but there was the charged environment in Zugdidi district,control over voters’ will throughout all districts.

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Election Day Observation Results by 14:00

Electoral procedures are timely and there are no substantial violations. However, there are negative tendencies, related to charged environment and control over voters’ will.

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GYLA Observation Mission on the Election Day

GYLA is observing the May 19/2019 Parliament’s By-Elections, Mayor’s Extraordinary Elections and Interim Elections of Georgia.

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