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Victim of Age Discrimination Wins the Court Dispute

2018-03-16 15:42
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Today, Tbilisi City Court has announced a decision under which the discrimination was established on the ground of age and the applicant reinstated to his / her position. GYLA defends the applicant’s interests in the court.

The plaintiff worked for a private company, but s/he was dismissed several months ago. The employer indicated the following facts as the official reasons for the applicant’s removal: leaving the workplace arbitrarily; staying in a break area for a long time and in some cases - health issues. At the trial, the company's representatives added that the employee failed to perform his / her duties appropriately and in good faith.

The GYLA’s lawyer in the court argued that the employer disguised the discrimination on the basis of age with the above arguments and there was no actual legal basis for termination of the labor agreement.

The Tbilisi City Court shared GYLA’s argument, established the discriminatory ground in the dismissal of the employee and ordered the employer to reinstate the plaintiff to his /her position and pay the compensation for the forced leave. The court decision has not become legally effective yet and may be appealed in the Court of Appeals.