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Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA);

2016-05-05 12:29
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  1. With support of GYLA a citizen was freed from fines with amount of 500 GEL set by the Tax Code of Georgia that was prescribed for violation of rules of registering as a taxpayer.
  2. With support of GYLA disabled person was freed from administrative liability, who was fined with 1000 GEL because of car accident when driving without driving license. The court found that during the car-crash G.K. was in condition of insanity i.e. he could not control his own actions.
  3. With support of GYLA Rustavi Office violators were restricted from verbal, physical or psychological abuse towards victims of domestic crime and appropriate protective orders were issued with 3, 4 and 5 month period.
  4. With help of GYLA the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia was imposed to indemnify the damage up to 20 000 GEL, that was caused for delaying fulfilment of decision of the Court to immediately reinstate unlawfully dismissed authority