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The persons employed in the construction of a hotel in Gonio have settled the dispute over the unpaid salary

2022-02-22 19:26
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GYLA Adjara branch represented 12 people who were suing the company building a hotel in Gonio - Labao Gonio Ltd. They performed their work based on an oral agreement; however, the company did not pay the due salary. The company administration did not deny the fact that there were wage arrears. However, it indicated that the employees had been deducted this amount due to delays in the construction work. Conversely, employees said that the delays in the work were due to the employer's fault because the company did not provide construction materials and inventory to the employees on time.

To receive the salary arrears (stolen salary), the employees, with the assistance of GYLA, filed a lawsuit with the Batumi City Court several months ago. On February 18, 2022, the dispute between the parties ended in a settlement. The defendant has already fulfilled the obligation outlined in the settlement act and paid the remuneration specified in the settlement act to the employees.