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GYLA arranged presentation of the books

2007-07-09 20:00
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On July 10 in “Courtyard Marriot” GYLA arranged presentation of the books: “Freedom of Information in Georgia” and “Protection of personal data- experience of the foreign countries”.

Representatives of the Parliament of Georgia, various state agencies, NGOs and mass media attended the presentation and discussed the problem with regard to freedom of information and protection of personal data. GYLA submitted its recommendations.

After presenting the books, GYLA submitted to the audience) freedom of information data bases and electronic dictionary placed on the web-page (

Through the simple and flexible searching system all interested persons will have opportunity to acquire information on any public agency, in particular to find out: their address, telephone numbers and the identity of freedom of information officers. The electronic dictionary contains all significant terms with regard to freedom of information.

It is noteworthy that both of the data bases are bilingual (Georgian-English), correspondingly they may be applied by both Georgian and foreigner interested persons.