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GYLA Held a Farewell Celebration for Legal School Alumni

2009-07-09 20:00
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On June 9 at the exhibition centre Muse, farewell celebration of the class 2008-2009 was held by the Foundation for the Support of Legal Education founded by Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association. 


Executives of non-governmental, international organizations and foundations, faculty members of legal departments of different higher institutions, representatives of law firms, and teachers of the foundation, alumni and prominent Georgian lawyers attended the ceremony.

Different prestigious law firms and GYLA itself offered internship with possibility of employment to up to dozen alumni of the foundation.

After taking the entrance exams 135 students were enrolled at school. By the end of the academic year 103 students remained; 32 of them were awarded diplomas, 53 were granted certificates.

This is the fifth graduating class of the foundation; however training center had been operating at GYLA since 1997 and it hosted 2500 trainees.