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GYLA Opened the Human Rights Week with a Rally outside the Supreme Court

2010-12-10 08:23
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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association opened the traditional human rights week with a peaceful rally outside the Supreme Court of Georgia  in the evening of December 9.

The rally participants gathered wearing a T-shirts with special symbols, voicing the main messages associated with issues identified during the recent period.
Slogan of the rally was “Recognize My Right!”

By holding the rally GYLA called attention to the issue of obstacles to access of public information, which has grown into a serious problem lately.  
Following messages have been voiced at the rally:

1. Court decisions in freedom of information matters encourages lack of access to public information;
2. Court decisions are unfounded;
3. Court upholds unlawful refusal;
4. Court does not process and give access to public information;
5. Court does not try to protect our rights;
6. Feel the responsibility!

The messages were lit up on the Supreme Court building by means of a projector.