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GYLA presented its findings on constitutional amendments

2010-07-24 13:06
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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association considers that

1. The commission made a rushed decision by adopting the draft in two months;
2. Public review of the draft is scheduled for summer, ruling out a possibility of active consultations with the society and political factions;
3. The draft decreases the president’s authority, although the president still remains to be an active participant of political processes;
4. Government functions are significantly increased, while accountability mechanisms are absent;
5. The government holds significant leverage over the Parliament;
6. Legal drafting role of the Parliament is diminished;
7. Parliament is unable to raise the issue of the government’s liability due to the fear of dismissal;
8. By repealing the organic law, the parliamentarian majority gains a leverage to resolve significant matters without consulting with the minority;
9. Introduction of probation term calls positive aspects of life-time appointment of judges in question.
10. Even in case of a life-time appointment, political authority still possesses the mechanisms for exerting influence on judges’ independence.


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