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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association condemns repeated attacks against peaceful demonstrators

2009-04-10 20:00
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The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association condemns repeated attacks and physical violence used against peaceful demonstrators that took place during the last two days and urges the authorities to immediately condemn, prevent and investigate each case of violence.

In accordance with the law of Georgia on Police, it is an obligation of the Police “to ensure public safety and security [and] to protect human rights and freedoms against an unlawful violence.” Under Article 8 of the same law, in the course of carrying out its duties, the Police are obliged “to ensure security of those participating in peaceful rallies, demonstrations and manifestations.”

In this regard, the statement of one of the victims of violent attacks, that some patrol police officers have been patiently watching them being beaten up by a group of unidentified persons, is particularly sad and alarming.��

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association urges the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, to hold those patrol police officers accountable, who, on 10th April, by 8 pm, in contradiction with their duties envisaged by the law, did not protect safety of the activists of the Movement for United Georgia, while they have been physically abused by unidentified persons.

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association continues monitoring of the demonstrations and offers legal assistance to anyone whose rights and freedoms have been infringed.