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With GYLA’s Assistance a Lawyer was Ordered to pay back USD 620 to a Citizen for Providing Unqualified Legal Service

2010-07-23 13:04
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In 2009 a citizen M.S. hired a lawyer Sh.Sh. to remove the sequestration order issued in 1996 and paid him USD 620 for the legal service.

The lawyer filed an application in court and sequestration order was removed under the court decision. Upon submission of the enforcement document in the Public Register it was revealed that sequestration orders registered before 1997 had been automatically annulled Under Article 35 of the Law on Public Register (2008); therefore, there was no need of applying to court to remove the sequestration order.

The lawyer provided unqualified legal service to a citizen M.S. and had him pay legal fee for performing an action that was no longer needed according to the noted law.

After consulting with GYLA, M.S. contacted the lawyer and asked him to pay back the sum (USD 620), which the lawyer refused to.

GYLA’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in court and the lawyer was ordered to pay USD 620.