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The former patient won a lawsuit against Gori Military Hospital with the assistance of GYLA

2022-01-31 15:14
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The patient, whose interests were represented by the GYLA Gori office in court, won a lawsuit against the Giorgi Abramashvili Military Hospital. The court ordered the medical facility to reimburse the costs of medical care and moral damages in favor of the patient.

The plaintiff underwent an operation in Gori Military Hospital in August 2013. A complication developed after the operation, which resulted in a loss of sensation in the lower extremities. A second operation was performed due to this; however, the injury remained unchanged. The patient underwent surgery in Turkey also and still needs treatment. He demanded reimbursement of medical expenses and moral damages, as well as the appointment of a monthly allowance.

The Supreme Court of Georgia declared the cassation appeal of the Giorgi Abramashvili Military Hospital inadmissible and the judgment of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals remained in force. In particular, the court found medical malpractice and awarded reimbursement of medical expenses in the amount of GEL equivalent to USD 19,180.50 and moral damages in the amount of GEL 5,000.