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The Zugdidi Court considered a case of journalist Giorgi Kapanadze

2019-06-05 17:55
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Today, on june 5, the Zugdidi District Court discussed the administrative offense of journalist Giorgi Kapanadze, editor and founder of "Press Ge" and "ITV". On May 19, 2019, police officers detained Giorgi Kapanadze, while performing his professional activities during Zugdidi Mayor's extraordinary elections and later, the administrative offenses protocol was drawn on the basis of Articles 166 (petty hooliganism) and 173 (Non-compliance with a lawful order or demand of a law-enforcement officer).

By today's decision, the Zugdidi District Court terminated the case for the part of petty hooliganism due to lack of sufficient evidence. As for the activities envisaged by article 173, the court found the offense, however, due to the minority of the offense, Giorgi Kapanadze was given a verbal note instead of a penalty. It is important to explain that evidence presented at Zugdidi District Court did not prove the fact of Non-compliance of Giorgi Kapanadze to police. Four police officers were questioned in the court. The testimony given by the police officers did not coincide with the video evidence examined in the court, in particular, the facts of the assault, swearing, attempting to get into the car were not proved.

Interests of Giorgi Kapanadze are protected by GYLA's Zugdidi office.