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One of the grounds for impeaching director of Adjara Pubic Broadcaster has been doubted by today’s decision of the Advisory Board

2019-04-25 20:14
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Statement by Media Advocacy Coalition



The Advisory Board of LEPL Public Broadcaster of Adjara TV and Radio has discussed and adopted the financial report prepared by the external audit, which states that “the budget financial report of 31 December 2018 submitted by LEPL Public Broadcaster of Adjara TV and Radio, in all essential components, is in line with Decree №429 of the Minister of Finance of 31 December 2014 "On Accounting and Financial Reporting of Budgetary Institutions.”

According to the law, the Advisory Board of LEPL Public Broadcaster of Adjara TV and Radio, prior to 1 April, shall publish and submit to the Supreme Council of Adjara the last year’s financial report accompanied by an external audit report. The Board published the 2018 Report on 1 April, and reviewed the external audit report today, on 25 April, after declaring distrust to Director of the Television, and this happened when the financial violation had been named as one of the reasons for the impeachment.

The “Coalition for Media Advocacy” believes that today’s decision of the Advisory Board of Public Broadcaster of Adjara, has raised more questions regarding the legal basis of the impeachment of the Director of the Television.


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